Our Services

Our expertise includes:

Concept Development

We are happy to meet with our customers to discuss their needs. If you require a custom design for your business, we will scope out the idea and provide a plan and timeline for the way forward.

FPGA Design

FPGAs are used for implementing application specific circuits. We will design the functionality for your product and will implement it on an FPGA. The designs will be simulated, synthesised and tested in real-time to ensure correct functionality. Progress is communicated on a regular basis.

PCB Design

Most Products will require a Printed Circuit Board. We will design your board from scratch and will have it manufactured and tested with all components assembled.

Interface Design and Product Completion

Whether using a membrane switch or an app on your phone, we will design the required interface and will test the full product to ensure full functionality. The product will be demonstrated and delivered on completion.


Contact us to discuss your project.